[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Release 1.0alpha1 now available

Jim Hugunin jjh@goldilocks.lcs.mit.edu
Fri, 9 Aug 1996 18:21:09 -0400

The first alpha release of the final 1.0 version of the Numeric =
Extensions is now available.  This release contains ZERO patches to the =
python core.  To use it you must have python1.4b2 installed on your =
computer (much thanks to Guido for adding all of the needed =
functionality to this release!).

If you are working under Windows NT (or 95) there is a binary release =
available that includes all needed files.

The 1.0 number here means that I'm finally happy with the basic =
functionality and design of the system and don't intend to make many =
more changes.  This version unfortunately changes many details from the =
previous version and will break most existing code.  I don't want to =
ever do that again (not to you or to myself).  There is an ugly, but =
fairly complete piece of documentation in html for all of the functions =
provided, as well as a very simple example module to help illustrate the =
use of the C API.

The alpha release means that this is not at all well tested.  I'm =
counting on you folks to track down the bugs now, and when that seems =
under control, I'll send it out to the main list as a Beta release =
(ideally coinciding with the first official release of python1.4).  You =
should expect a very rapid release schedule at this point as I =
desperately want this out soon!

Please beat hard on this and let me know where it breaks!

For Unix users:
Untar this wherever you want, and follow the instructions in INSTALL.
Please try and build the dynamically loadable version, and let me know =
about your success on different systems.  I'd really like to include =
binaries in the next alpha release (in preparation for the beta =


There is also an fftmodule in this release.  If you don't have fftpack =
on your system, you can grab


which is very easy to compile on almost all unix systems.  This is =
stolen from the rlab source code distribution site.

For Windows 95/NT

Unzip this into wherever you have your binary version of python =
installed.  This should be into a directory that already has a =
py140-b1.dll in it.  That will be replaced by the beta 2 version of that =
library contained in the zip file.


Enjoy - Jim

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