[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] linear algebra

Konrad HINSEN hinsenk@ere.umontreal.ca
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 13:10:47 -0400

> Just to throw in a suggestion let me tell what the Ada95 standard does to 
> work around this problem. In Ada95 the compiler has to have  a 
> " pragma Convention (Fortran, Fortran_Matrix);" which changes the way 
> an array is actually stored in memory.
> For the programmer there is no change at all, the compiler takes care of all
> necessary changes to make the array Fortran as well as Ada compatible.
> Would this be possible in python without a serious perfomance overhead ?

One could have a second kind of array object that used Fortran conventions
for storage and inverts indexing. But I doubt that this is worth the


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