[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] New release of NumericPython 0.31

Hinsen Konrad hinsenk@ere.umontreal.ca
Sun, 28 Jan 1996 21:37:00 -0500

   When untarring the NumericPython release, as well as patches.tar (Konrad's)
   patches to the python core), you should use tar -xvfm.  The m tells
   tar to set the modification times on the files to the current time, and
   this will ensure that a new build will not use old object files.

Also make sure that you remove the old files Lib/Matrix.py and
Lib/MLab.py, otherwise they will be loaded instead of their new
replacements in the directory "numeric". And don't worry if
"TestPrecision" reports bad results; that's just a bug in the test
suite. I got the whole test suite running except for the final speed
benchmark, which uses a function "sum" that no longer exists
(should it?).

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