[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] New release of NumericPython 0.31

Hinsen Konrad hinsenk@ere.umontreal.ca
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 08:23:36 -0500

     Yes, it exists! It's in MLab.py. You have to add 'from MLab import
   *' to the top of the Benchmark.py file.

Right. I also had to add "from fast_umath import *" to MLab.py,
otherwise it wouldn't know how add.reduce. Note that "from umath import *"
wouldn't work with the benchmark because it produces an overflow:

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "Benchmark.py", line 226, in ?
  File "Benchmark.py", line 46, in test2
    esc= escout(zt, akap, srcfun)
  File "Benchmark.py", line 115, in escout
    exf= exp(outer(multiply,-1./mu,tau))
OverflowError: math range error

This is of course something the benchmark author should worry about.

     This means Jim has removed the MLab support from the default Numeric
   library. Is this ok with people? I don't mind, but we're going to have
   to let people

I'd have done the same. I see the Matlab compatibility module as
something distinct from the standard array/matrix function, because
the differ in some conventions. Mixing this up would only generate

     Can I make a suggestions: can we avoid the 'from X import *'
   construction in the numeric package where it's not speed critical
   (??)- it makes finding the source of definitions a pain.

This is not a matter of speed; the import takes hardly any time.  It
is a matter of typing convenience. It might indeed be a good idea to
to replace this with an explicit list (e.g. "from umath import acos,
asin, atan, ...") in the standard modules, but that should be done
only in the final version, to avoid updating problems.

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