[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] And onto release 0.32

James Hugunin jjh@Goldilocks.LCS.MIT.EDU
Mon, 29 Jan 96 11:21:27 EST

The good news is that most of the bugs found so far are extremely
minor, the bad news is that so many small bugs slipped by me on

I have a new release that fixes all of the bugs reported so far

Numeric.py lacked some definitions
UserArray and Matrix had a serious bug
small warning in ofuncobject
small bugs in TestSuite
the bug in types.py (which strangely doesn't show up on my system)


I'd also like to remind people of Konrad's warning to remove any
previous versions of Matrix.py that might be in your python library

Similarly, anybody interested in using the new Matrix.py (for linear
algebra style matrices) should take a good long look at Matrix.py.  At
the moment it does almost nothing.  I have no intentions to use this
class personally (a.matrixMultiply(b) works fine for me).  If somebody
sends me a better version of this class I'd be happy to add it to the

I know that people probably don't want to keep downloading and
installing a completely new version of the distribution each time some
simple bugs are fixed (the diff's between 0.30 and 0.32 are about 100
lines).  Embarassingly enough, I don't know an easy way to take these
two tar files and produce a diff between them that will be appropriate
for the patch program to be applied to the in-place distribution.
I've included the file "diffs-0.30-0.32" that I made between untarred
directories created from the distribution, if somebody knows how to
take this file and update from 0.30 to 0.32, please share your knowledge.


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