[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] NumericPython-0.32.tar.gz (Europe) + PDE Proposal

Thomas Schwaller et@appl-math.tu-muenchen.de
Tue, 30 Jan 1996 00:30:20 +0100

Yeah. I'm still there...
For people in Europe:
You can fetch the matrixmodule at

I was quite happy not to get it more than once (takes really very long).

By the way. Is FDL (or FIDL ?) working with the latest matrixmodule.
(This is rally a question for Jim Fulton ! ;-))
Or asked the other way: is there some work done binding the usual FORTRAN
Libraries (*PACK) to this extension? (To get the state of Matlab, SciLab,

Well, let's look one step further. After several experiences with integrating
C++ classes in Python, I'm not that enthousiastic anymore about this approach.
One year earlier I would have tried to do it with Diffpack (C++ classes for
the solution of PDE, which ist one of the best public packages for that
purpose if you like C++). But some native Python Module for that purpose
would be much more efficient, now that we have a common base for matrix
extensions. What about a package for the abstract specification of PDE's?
1) High level commands for building stiffness matrices out of the week form
   of a PDE. This is for expert users. I saw such an abstract matrix
               language (I don't remember the name....) at the International
Congress of        Applied Mathematics.
2) Linear Algebra stuff related to that (Multigrid, Mutlilevel, domain
3) For non expert users the possibility to solve nonlinear systems of PDE's
   by combining predefinied equations of type 1) (Iteration, Linearization
   and the like)

4) Using the C++ Visual Toolkit as a starting point for the visualisation
   of the results (OpenGL). I had no time to rework my Python Binding for it,
   which is very necessary because it has some bugs. Loading the C++ module
   is very slow so I would prefer to have a native Python/C module using the
   C++ Code (where is code reusing gone ??? :-( ) Unfortunately a lot of work
in    this direction will be done for Java by SGI (read their announcments

Some comments?

Anybody written some ODE stuff yet. I took a look at the matlab ODE suite
recently. What a hack... When we present such an example with the official
release of the matrix module, people will like it I think.
I'll polish some Delaunay-Triangulation modules for public release as soon as I
can. They work nice with the matrixmodule, but I have to pythonize the error
handling of the C-Code it uses. For me it's ok, but you will certainly agree
with me, that it's not nice to see the Python interpreter crashing with wrong
geometrical data.

Back to first tests with the new matrix version....


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