code generators? Re: [MATRIX-SIG] Prototype array with gather/scatter behavior

Aaron Watters
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 14:19:30 -0400

> The code is not efficient, particularly when setting values via
> subscripting (just a big loop).  There are probably bugs.  But I
> thought this would be a useful prototype.  But changing the current
> Numeric module to have this behavior would require a lot of recoding.

Great stuff!  Thanks!

BTW: my impression was that much of the Numeric C code is
generated by python code generators.  Is this (still) true?  If so, are the
generators available?  Might make a C-implementation of a
scatter-gather (or alternative) C level array easier.

(looking at umathmodule with SBYTE_greater, LONG_greater, ...
it looks suspiciously like an expanded macro...)
   -- Aaron Watters

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