[MATRIX-SIG] Bug report - seg-fault

Martin Holz holz@zib.de
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 14:21:00 +0200

Timothy A. Hochberg writes:
 > I think I've found a fix for the problem, although I admit to not fully
 > understanding it. Here's what I've figured out:
 > a) It never happens for sizes < 4 (e.g., zeros((0,3)) * zeros((0,3)) 
 >    always works). This probably varies from machine to machine.
 > b) For larger sizes, it doesn't always fail. I'd be interested in hearing
 >    from those of you for whom it didn't crash before as to whether it
 >    crashes if you repeat zeros((0,1000)) * zeros((0,1000)) several times. 

You are right. Python does not crash at ones((0,1))*ones((0,4), but
crashes, if I call  zeros((0,1000)) * zeros((0,1000)).
I use Solaris 2.5 and gcc


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