[MATRIX-SIG] SWIG, Numeric Python

Michael Bell michaelb@gold.net.au
Fri, 15 Aug 97 12:12 WST

Phil Austin wrote:

> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Bell <michaelb@gold.net.au> writes:
>     Michael> I use Python for data analysis, and I've recently wrapped
>     Michael> some Fortran code using SWIG.  It's not pretty, but I've
>     Michael> managed to get the job done that I needed to.
> Would you be willing to share the rest of the interface?  I have
> some astronomer friends that I'd like to convert over to Python.
> Regards, Phil

My earlier post was just supposed to go to Jens, but I forgot to
delete the "CC:" line.  I didn't want to fill everyone's mbox.

I've put my wrapper for the pgplot library into


if anyone would like to look at it.  I have no great pretensions to
professional programming skills, and make no promises about the code.
Most of it has been cut and pasted from elsewhere. But it worked for me.

Earlier this year someone else mentioned that they had wrapped pgplot
into Python with SWIG, but I don't have the details.  They may have
done a far more complete and correct job than me.

Michael Bell
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