[MATRIX-SIG] Python/Fortran interface

Aaron Watters arw@dante.mh.lucent.com
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 14:59:58 -0400

Chastise me severely on evidence of stupidity!

It seems to me that the first step is to know how
to call Fortran from C: then the standard methods
for wrapping C-functions and objects apply.
(see the std refs or either English Python book.)

As for mapping Fortran arrays (or other structures)
into NumPy arrays, that might be trickier, and
I'd love to look into it more (maybe in a few weeks).
Who else knows more?

Please let us know of success or problems.
Brag with simple example code if you get lucky!
A simple example of mapping a 2d fortran array
of doubles into/out-of Numeric would be great.
Is there such a beasty?  Dr. Zane?
  -- Aaron Watters

> From: Holger St. John <stjohn@gav.gat.com>
> To: matrix-sig@python.org
> Subject: [MATRIX-SIG] Python/Fortran interface
> Date: Friday, August 15, 1997 1:40 PM
> A couple of messages over the past two days have indicated
> that there is some interest in calling Fortran from Python.
> A project that I am working on will require this ability for its
> success....

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