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>>>>> "PFD" == Paul F Dubois <dubois1@llnl.gov> writes:

 PFD> We have a basic interface to the PDB file format. 

That is nice. Did you know that Konrad Hinsen also has an interface to
a PDB file format? But that one is a bit more specialized: the _P_rotein
_D_ata _B_ank file can only be used to store 3D structures of biological
macromolecules...  And this database format was already published in 1977!

    author =       "F. C. Bernstein and T. F. Koetzle and G. J. B.
                   Williams and E. F. {Meyer Jr} and M. D. Brice and J. R.
                   Rodgers and O. Kennard and T. Shimanouchi and M.
    title =        "The protein data bank: a computer-based archival file
                   for macro-molecular structures",
    journal =      "J. Mol. Biol.",
    year =         "1977",
    volume =       "112",
    pages =        "535--542",

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