[MATRIX-SIG] reverse of take?

Andrew P. Mullhaupt amullhau@ix.netcom.com
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 18:01:23 -0400

At 04:15 PM 6/26/97 -0400, Aaron Watters wrote:
>but without the Python overhead.

>or whatever.  Sorry if this kinda thing
>is already there.  Please educate me.  -- Aaron Watters

What you really want is sometimes called scatter/gather indexing, and
there has been occasional discussion in comp.lang.python. It's pretty
easy to implement well - although there are some clever optimizations
deriving from the vector lattice structure of indexing which should not
be missed. There is a large experience with this sort of thing in the
APL derivative languages. NumPy may be alone among array languages in
not supporting this.

Note that in NumPy the advantage of this is multiplied over the
advantage in 1-dimensional indexing, too.

So join the list of people who want more general indexing in Python.

Andrew Mullhaupt

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