[MATRIX-SIG] reverse of take?

Phil Austin phil@geog.ubc.ca
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 16:24:44 -0700

>>>>> "AM" == Andrew P Mullhaupt <amullhau@ix.netcom.com> writes:
    AM> This kind of scatter
    AM> is really neat and one of the attractions of the S language. S
    AM> has by far the nicest syntax for indexing of all the array
    AM> languages, and it is the language closest to Python in terms
    AM> of object-orientation and argument syntax. Note that although
    AM> S is normally very slow compared to Python, the fact that
    AM> powerful array indexing is implemented at the "C" level makes
    AM> up for a lot of lost ground.

    AM> This could easily be added to NumPy (along with a couple of
    AM> other really useful forms of indexing). The long history of
    AM> successful use of the highly flexible indexing in S is a
    AM> 'proof of concept'.

One thing that would be a helpful teaching tool, and a useful part of
a motivating sales pitch for S indexing, would be a concordance 
giving a variety of index constructs in S, Matlab, Mathematica, etc., and
their python equivalents.  I would volunteer to collate such a list if
people wanted to make submissions.  At the moment I'm trying to
translate various legacy S constructs into take, repeat, reduce
combinations--it feels like I'm taking (and failing) some kind of IQ


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