[MATRIX-SIG] reverse of take?

Aaron Watters arw@dante.mh.lucent.com
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 10:45:21 -0400

> You're right, Numeric has no such capability. I needed this almost from
> the first, and in fact I have written a handy-dandy little C extension
> called arrayfnsmodule which contains this and a number of other
> Yorick-like capabilities that I found necessary.

I don't know what issues are here (licensing, whatever) but I vote
that arrayfnsmodule be added as to the standard Numeric distribution
for this capability alone, ala the Fourier stuff.  It's pretty important to 
my mind.

Take should  have an inverse, and in my case I am fiddling during
spare moments on a win95 box, and I don't have time right now
to learn how to build other peoples stuff there.  I suspect old S
hackers might run into something like this in NumPy and say "huh?"
and go back to S.

Speaking as an arrogant newbie.  -- Aaron Watters

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