[MATRIX-SIG] reverse of take?

Aaron Watters arw@dante.mh.lucent.com
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 14:45:53 -0400

> Not for arrays, which are C types! And these arrays are typically used
> directly, without a Python wrapper. So getting the syntax right means
> modifying arrayobject.c and putting the new code into the right module
> etc. Probably not much work, but it has to be done, and should be
> synchronized with possible changes that Jim has applied to the same
> module recently.

okey dokey.  (sorry 2 beers at lunch).
I propose that arraytype[arraytype] automatically be interpreted
as (1) gather as a value (2) scatter as an l-value.  I apologize if
this is obviously dumb, incompatible with existing usage, or
already proposed (I'm new, remember, don't hurt me!) :). 
  -- Aaron Watters

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