Tom Schwaller tom.schwaller@linux-magazin.de
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 16:45:42 +0100

Jim Hugunin wrote:

> "Apart from being a computer scientist, I'm also a fan of "Monty Python's
> Flying Circus" (a BBC comedy series from the seventies, in the -- unlikely
> -- case you didn't know). It occurred to me one day that I needed a name
> that was short, unique, and slightly mysterious. And I happened to be
> reading some scripts from the series at the time... So then I decided to
> call my language Python. But Python is not a joke. And don't you associate
> it with dangerous reptiles either! (If you need an icon, use an image of
> the 16-ton weight from the TV series or of a can of SPAM :-) " - Python FAQ

Me too :-)
If you wanna have some fun, please check the following pictures (Big and
small one)


It is still one of my favorite one. Maybe I could 
tell my cover artist to make another one which I could missuse here.
It has to match another coverstory of course, but hei, I decide that :-)
A snake would be easy of course


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