[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] fidl, was: PGPLOT issues

Michael Bell michaelb@gold.iap.net.au
Fri, 7 Mar 97 13:22 WST

Johann Hibschman wrote:

<Snip! goes nonsense from me>
> A more serious problem is the use of output variables, passed by 
> reference in the argument lists of many PGPLOT functions.  Python just 
> won't do this.  The only options I see are to send lists (or other 
> mutable types) to the functions, or to have the pythonized versions 
> return tuples of the output vars.  Not terribly nice.  I've asked on 
> c.l.p if anyone has an elegant solution to this.

When I scanned the list archive I found the man page for 'fidl',
posted by Jim Fulton.  It appeared that, at least in simple cases,
fidl would produce something to work with.  I haven't been able to
find out anything else about it.  Does it still exist, or has it been
absorbed into the general NumPy effort?

Michael Bell
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