[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Helping with Std. Pkg

Konrad Hinsen hinsen@ibs.ibs.fr
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 18:33:18 +0100

> I would love to have somebody put some effort into making NumPy easily 
> installable on Unix platforms.  Since I've recently gone over to the dark 

I think the problem is partly Python itself, which doesn't offer a
standard procedure to "install" a self-contained extension. Having
a slightly more elaborate Setup file plus the right tools could change
that. Then you could just do configure; make; make install for
NumPy or any other extension.

For the moment, I see the installation in the Python source tree as
the best way to do a "real" installation. And it could be simplified
a lot by a slightly different package that contains updates to
all the files of the 1.4 distribution that must be modified. Then
the procedure would be

  1) Unpack Python 1.4
  2) Unpack NumPy
  3) configure; make; make install

> I had really wanted to put together a set of binaries for most major 
> platforms myself, but I got really intimidated when I realized the number 
> of "major" platforms.

Indeed. I am planning to put together an RPM version for RPM-enabled
Linuces (mostly RedHat), as soon as I feel confident that there won't
be a NumPy update out the next day ;-)  RPMs are so easy to install
that there is no reason left to complain.

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