[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Plotting packages

Zane C. Motteler motteler@laura.llnl.gov
Fri, 7 Mar 97 13:26:34 PST

Jeffrey Templon said:

> I'd like to reiterate my opinion that it'd be nice to have a plot be
> an object.  This allows us to move up a notch (out of spaghetti-like
> code) and do cool things like modify existing plots:

I'd like to emphasize that my first Python interface to Narcisse and
Gist was object-oriented; only later did I add the capability of
just calling plot functions, for those old-fashioned line-oriented folks.

Just to recap my original design, it consisted of geometric objects--
Curves, Surfaces, Meshes, etc. Then there was Graph (inherited by
Graph2d and Graph3d); a graph can have one or more geometric objects.
Finally there were Plotter objects (currently in two varieties,
Narcisse and Gist). A Graph can also have one or more Plotter objects.
You then plot a graph g by giving the command g.plot(). The plot may
go to one or more windows and/or cgm, postscript, and other types of
files, depending on the Plotters which the Graph contains. Graphs
have methods to change things like limits, colors, etc. just as
Jeffrey mentioned in his note.



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