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Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Sat, 08 Mar 1997 01:18:18 +0100

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>         I don't know if this would help at all, but I've been having
> good luck using a Java/Applet based graphing. I've been using NumPy in
> Physics courses since the 0.3x days. I've incorporated David A.'s
> docs. At one point I melded it with my Zinc based GUI module.. but now
> I'm using more 'off the shelf' technology (i.e., Java) Point your
> favorite Java enabled browser to
> http://estel.uindy.edu/PESSci/ph280/
> and look at some of the links there. The nice thing about this approach
> is that you can make the resulting 'graph' more interactive. It might be
> pretty easy to come up with some applets that work nicely with NumPy, and
> also allow lots of other cool stuff.

Hi Steve, I found this really cool. Taking Java not as a competitor, but
simply a working horse and doing the nice stuff in Python.
It is also quite quick. I could give it a try with my polytop meshes.
Is there a way to talk to the java code locally, also?
Could that be the compromise for the future?
Just to say we use Java as a general platform for the gui and control it
from Python?
I personally like the idea because it gives us _something_ immediately,
because it runs everywhere, and everyone can use a browser.

At least this is a very quick solution to the gui problem.
I would like to see a discussion in the main list.

cheers - chris

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