[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Plotting packages

Jeffrey Templon templon@studbolt.physast.uga.edu
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 17:38:03 -0500


Funny that we should start talking about this right now.  If we are
talking about a basic 2D plot package, take a look at the following
message.  I've looked at it, and it looks reasonable for 2D plots.
I think writing a Python wrapper for this would be pretty easy.

Robert S. Maier writes:

 > Hi, Jeff.  This is to let you know that a much enhanced version of the old
 > GNU graphics package is now available.  It's about 1.7 meg, gzipped; you
 > can get it from
 > 	ftp://platinum.math.arizona.edu/pub/plotutils.tar.gz
 > Strictly speaking, this is a pre-release version; it's billed as 
 > `release 1.0-alpha'.
 > I think that several years ago, you helped evaluate and improve an alpha
 > release of the old package?  Your name is still in the documentation.  If
 > you could look over the new (much expanded, and completely rewritten)
 > package, I'd much appreciate it.
 > The package is now called the `plotutils' package.  It includes versions of
 > libplot.a that draw 2-D vector graphics in X11, PS, xfig, and tek format.
 > It also includes a much enhanced `graph' built on top of libplot.a, a
 > version of `spline', and more.  For 2-D graphs, the package is now
 > competitive with gnuplot; it can handle multiplotting, filled regions, etc.
 > The plotting library uses both the 35 basic Postscript fonts, and a set of
 > builtin Hershey fonts.  A 50-page manual in texinfo format is included.
 > Any comments/suggestions/bug fixes, etc., would be welcome.
 > --Robert Maier
 > -- 
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