[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Numeric Python 1.0 Beta 2 is available

Jim Hugunin hugunin@mit.edu
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 12:03:15 -0500

Geoffrey Furnish writes:
> In my opinion, the problem is not specific to NumPy, but is rather a
> general shortcoming of python's build paradigm on unix.  I would much
> prefer to see Setup expunged in favor of configure --with-xxx options,
> which would be more in the spirit of autoconf and would make it much
> easier to setup a python with various precompiled extensions linked
> in, or made into shared libs.  The drawback of this is that someone
> has to revamp configure, and we all know the flamage which acrues to
> him who expends effort in that area...

If I was still working in the Unix world, I think that the solution would 
be to write a small python module install script.  This python script would 
basically go through the steps outlined in "INSTALL.txt".  It could have 
hooks for handling different platforms, and in the future could be 
generalized to a system that could work for installing any extension module 
either inside or outside the python source tree.

I really don't think that such a script would be too huge a project, though 
it's unlikely I'll have enough motivation to look into it before the end of 
the millenium...


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