[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Numeric Python 1.0 Beta 2 is available

Jim Hugunin hugunin@mit.edu
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 15:47:30 -0500

It's time for me to step in as list moderator on this one ;-)  This 
discussion should really be moved to the main python newsgroup.  I remember 
being involved in a similar discussion there not too long ago where I was 
convinced that scanning directories recursively was a terrible idea, but I 
can't recall the exact reasons any more.  I think that there are some 
strange interactions with "ni" that could cause problems here...

Anyway, if any of these ideas are to succeed, they'll need the support of 
the whole python community.


PS - In the NT/95 world this problem is solved using the Registry (a 
database that stores important information for each program/user).  The 
installation process for any extension modules simply updates this registry 
database to include its path.  Nothing quite so simple comes to mind for 

Janko Hauser writes:
> I think this idea should be divided into two parts.
> 1)
> There is a (Python)-systempath, normaly in /usr/local/lib/pyhton
> I think it is not a bad idea to scan this directory recursiv and add
> all subdirs to the pythonpath
> 2)
> Userdefined directories with *.py files. Here is the fine control on
> the userside. She wants perhaps to have modified copys of
> standard-modules wich should appear before the standard pythonpath.
> I think here is the user responsible for every single directory. And
> there is the mechanism to control this with the env-variable
> __Janko
> Konrad Hinsen writes:
>  > > Again, I regard this as a central shortcoming of Python.  The system
>  > > used in TeX/LaTeX seems a lot better to me, where directory search
>  > > paths are specified effectively as being "rooted at" some place, and
>  > > all subdirectories of that are searched.  If python worked like 
>  >
>  > Funny to see that suggestion -- I was about to suggest the same in my
>  > last message, but deleted the sentence after I had half written it.
>  > I had suddenly realized that I would definitely not want Python
>  > to go through the subdirectories in my personal module collection,
>  > which includes subdirectories such as "old code to be kept for a 
>  > "untested code by others" etc.

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