[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Numeric Python 1.0 Beta 2 is available

Geoffrey Furnish furnish@laura.llnl.gov
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 13:18:03 -0800

janko hauser writes:
 > I think this idea should be divided into two parts.
 > 1)
 > There is a (Python)-systempath, normaly in /usr/local/lib/pyhton
 > I think it is not a bad idea to scan this directory recursiv and add
 > all subdirs to the pythonpath
 > 2)
 > Userdefined directories with *.py files. Here is the fine control on
 > the userside. She wants perhaps to have modified copys of
 > standard-modules wich should appear before the standard pythonpath.
 > I think here is the user responsible for every single directory. And
 > there is the mechanism to control this with the env-variable

I believe the TeX Kpathsea thing handles both of these simultaneously
via a distinction in the syntax used to specify the directories.  A
directory which ends in a dirname is not recurseviely searched.  One
that ends in /... is.  So, for example:

setenv PYTHONPATH  /from/here/down/...:/but/exactly/here

My knowledge of the details of kpathsea is kind of fuzzy.  Maybe
someone out there knows exactly how it works...

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