[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] ValueError: function not supported

Dietmar Schwertberger dietmar.schwertberger@student.uni-ulm.de
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 16:01:50 +0100 (MEZ)

On Don 20 Mrz, Jim Hugunin wrote:
> This error is being caused by the function "a+1".  The reason for it is 
> that the table of basic functions for arrays has somehow not been loaded in 
> your system.  This behavior is very peculiar as your "from Numeric import 
> *" should handle this.  As a test, I'd try doing an explicit "import umath" 
> and a
> >>> dir(umath)
> ['__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__version__', 'absolute', 'add', 
> 'arccos', 'arcsin', 'arctan', 'arctan2', 'boolean_and', 'boolean_or', 
> 'boolean_xor', 'ceil', 'conjugate', 'cos', 'cosh', 'divide', 'divide_safe', 
> 'e', 'equal', 'exp', 'fabs', 'floor', 'fmod', 'greater', 'greater_equal', 
> 'hypot', 'invert', 'left_shift', 'less', 'less_equal', 'log', 'log10', 
> 'logical_and', 'logical_not', 'logical_or', 'logical_xor', 'maximum', 
> 'minimum', 'multiply', 'negative', 'not_equal', 'pi', 'power', 'remainder', 
> 'right_shift', 'sin', 'sinh', 'sqrt', 'subtract', 'tan', 'tanh']
> If you don't get what I show here, then something's very wrong.
My interpreter is missing '__' and '__file__'.
What is '__'? Where does it come from?

Of course '__file__' should be there but I don't think it's causing
the problem.

> My best guess is that you've somehow created another module called umath 
> that is confusing python's importer.  Is there any chance of this?
Only umath and fast_umath from NumPy.

> Are you using the 1.0beta2 release?  Are you using dynamic libraries or did
> you build in the source tree?
I'm using the beta2 release with dynamical loading. The error was also
there with the beta1 release.


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