Jim Hugunin hugunin@mit.edu
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 15:02:08 -0500

Guido writes:
> > Looking at the source, I see that complex numbers have a 3rd
> > data attribute, "conj", which returns the same as the .conjugate()
> > method. I don't like this very much (because there's already the
> > method, and because it really isn't a "component" of the complex
> > number like its real and imag components are) but am afraid to
> > remove it out of fear of breaking anything.  Am I overly worried?
> I'll yield to Jim & the Matrix folks on that -- I didn't know even know 
> existed, and agree that "it shouldn't".

In my opinion, .conj shouldn't exist.  I tried to get Konrad to take it out 
at some early point in the development of complexobject.c.  I wouldn't 
worry about breaking anything, but I'm cross-posting to the matrix-sig to 
give others a chance to shout if you'll be breaking their code.


Note: for NumPy arrays there is neither a ".conj" attribute nor a 
".conjugate()" method.  Instead there is a "conjugate(a)" function which 
will work on any number-like python object in the right manner.  There 
seemed to be agreement within the SIG that this function is what everybody 
really wanted anyway.

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