[MATRIX-SIG] RE: Hybrid Symbolic-numerics

aaron watters aaron_watters@classic.msn.com
Wed, 14 Jan 98 19:23:27 UT

[Query from Tony Scott follows]
I don't know of any integrated environments.
NumPy provide fast numeric operations, but no integrated, eg, graphics, afiak.
Someone should do it someday, if it hasn't been done ;).
If anyone would like to do it you could put an equational or other symbolic
interface onto NumPy using kwParsing pretty easily... Been meaning to do 
So much time, so little to do (scratch that, reverse it).

I forward your query to the matrix-sig@python.org.
Subscribe to it a http://www.python.org if you are interested. --- Aaron 

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From:	Tony Scott 
Sent:	Wednesday, January 14, 1998 11:52 AM
To:	arw@pythonpros.com
Subject:	Hybrid Symbolic-numerics

Dear Sir,

	In searching on the web for a user-interface for
hybrid symbolic numerics, your email address viz-a-viz
Python appeared.  Can you tell me if anybody has developed
a user-model or user-interface for a system which combined
the symbolic capabilities of e.g. Maple and the capabilities
of a fast numerical computation system like e.g. MATLAB?

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance

Best Wishes,


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