[MATRIX-SIG] integer division -- what a concept!

Geoffrey M. Furnish furnish@xdiv.lanl.gov
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 21:00:37 GMT

Carlos Maltzahn writes:
 > I disagree:
 > Assuming n is an integer matrix. If you expect float results from matrix
 > operations you should have the matrices typed as float in the first
 > place. This would ensure that all operations result in floats. 

Despite my prior post, I also agree with this.  What hapened in my
case was that oe of the source terms to my algorithm /happeed/ to be
integer.  That is to say, it came from some other facility which
returned data that it computed who kows how, and returned.  Python
stuffed it into a variable, which it decided should be an int, and
then I used it downstream assuming it would be a float, but it

I suppose what bit me was really dynamic typing.  Hmph.

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