[MATRIX-SIG] Re: int. division

Michael Hohn hohn@math.utah.edu
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 10:44:57 -0700 (MST)

>> ...
>> Now this leads exactly to the point I'm trying to make.
>> Even if you _program with care_, how can you ever be sure
>> you have been careful *enough*? If somewhere (n+1) slipped
>> into the code instead of (n+1.0), the numerical results
>> may be wrong. Yet this kind of bug is very difficult
>> to detect in the first place and hard to find in the second.
>> I would really appreciate some help from Python here.
>> ...

The point about being careful enough is well taken.  In using
FORTRASH, I had all kinds of problems with unwanted behavior, until
someone pointed me to the ultimate fortran tool:  ftnchek.

Among many other things, it points out type inconsistencies. 

And for C, lint and variants (especially lclint, at
http://larch-www.lcs.mit.edu:8001/larch/lclint/ ) do a similar job.

Note that no one (at least not recently) has proposed to make C or
FORTRAN "safer" for beginners by removing language features;  instead,
people provide warning tools.

Maybe "plint" would be a useful thing?


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