[Matrix-SIG] TableIO once again...

Mike Miller miller5@uiuc.edu
04 Jun 1998 13:26:58 -0500

Dear matrix folks,

The recent discussion on comp.lang.python about finding help and
such has prompted me to post TableIO to c.l.p.  This falls into
the category of "here's how I do that".  If anyone is using an
older version that I announced here, this version is slightly
tweaked.  You can now specify any collection of comment
characters.  Plus trailing blank lines are no longer a problem.
The interface has changed - any call that used to include a file
name parameter now includes a file name parameter and a string
containing comment characters.

Regards, Mike


Michael A. Miller                                miller5@uiuc.edu
  Department of Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  PGP public key available on request