[Matrix-SIG] umath (version 1.2)

Henk Jansen h.jansen@math.tudelft.nl
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 14:35:11 +0200

In a previous posting I wrote:

> It seems that in boolean_XXX functions in the fast_umath module
> (version 1.2) have had their names changed into bitwise_XXX functions.
> The documentation doesn't mention this. 
> I've downloaded LLNLPython2.tgz and tried to compile the modules
> separately. As far as I can see, PyGraphics still needs boolean_XXX
> functionality which it can't find (some trouble here...?).

Obviously, this applies to the umath module as well.

Further, the documentation says there should be a boolean_not
umath function. I can't find it, neither its bitwise_not equivalent.

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