[Matrix-SIG] [PSA MEMBERS] Numeric Python Set function

Aaron Watters aaron@cs.rutgers.edu
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 06:33:14 -0400

> Aaron Watters knows about seventeen flavors of how to handle
> unavailables, but one good way for array computation is the S way.

Yes, anything please.  I'm a big believer in precedent.
If Paul has experience with something that worked, Numeric should
use it.

BTW, this is where it'd be nice to have Jim H. back, just deciding
to do it one way and then doing it.  I think this subject has been coming
up for well over a year now, and that's just since I started following the
list.  Design by committee -- not known to be the ideal technique
to get things done.  -- Aaron Watters