[Matrix-SIG] Public source (was) Reading binary data ...

Janko Hauser jhauser@ifm.uni-kiel.de
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 21:27:52 +0200 (CEST)

As David is reading this, for a public souce repository it would be
good to have some guidelines regarding the format of the doc_strings
of the more or less function based modules. This should not be strict, 
but should lead to a more consistent document base and perhaps also a
way to implement some form of a help system.

It is not so easy to have a consistent documentation of class based
numerical routines, as someone can use a class in different contexts.

Some suggestions?

My follows now:

def foo(m1, m2, par1='spam'):
        """foo(m1, m2, par1='spam')

        a oneliner for foo, can be used for an index page

        more info about the arguments a purpose of foo
        Perhaps some magic to add an author here from the __author__
        in the module head, plus date or version?