[Matrix-SIG] Numeric version IDs?

Mike Miller miller5@uiuc.edu
25 Jun 1998 09:10:23 -0500

I just sent a bug report off about a bug in Matrix.py in the
Debian python-numeric package (which has already been corrected
in the LLNLPython distribution).  While describing the problem, I
realized that there is (AFAIK) no version info included in NumPy.
If I am wrong, would someone let me know where it is?  Otherwise,
I suggest that, in order to facilitate upgrades for people not
using the full LLNL distribution, some __version__'s be added in
the appropriate places.

Regards, Mike

Michael A. Miller                                miller5@uiuc.edu
  Department of Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  PGP public key available on request