[Matrix-SIG] Power of trigs

Konrad Hinsen hinsen@ibs.ibs.fr
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 12:42:53 +0100

> But I am glad to rise again the question of weak argument's checking  in
> pow().
> I do not want always to check validity of all possible combinations of input
> arguments.
> I just want pow() to return most suitable and valid result.

There was some discussion about type checking in Numeric functions
in the early days of the Matrix SIG. There are two conflicting
points of view:

1) If there is a reasonable answer for my input values, I want
   to get it.

2) A combination of input types that has a good chance of being
   a mistake should cause an exception.

Depending on context, sqrt(-1) may be reasonable or an error,
so the compromise was to indicate the willingness to get complex
results by providing a complex argument.
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