[Matrix-SIG] how to contribute new code ?

David Ascher da@skivs.ski.org
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 09:27:42 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Ryszard Czerminski wrote:
> I was looking recently for routine which would solve linear
> least square problem A*X = B with constrains X >= 0.
> I have found fortran code for this
> and I have written Python interface
> to it using lapack_litemodule from NumPy as a template.
> It seems to me that access to this code via python
> may be of general interest.

> What is the usual way of contributing
> such a code to Numpy ?

There is no 'usual'.  There are two possible ways to distribute such code
a) within the LLNL distribution, and b) on the net.  Currently, I think
the LLNL folks don't want to take the responsibility to distribute code
they don't 'own'.  The maintenance and release process is too cumbersome
to allow for that (e.g. if the author of a contributed package decides to
update his package every day, there's a problem).  That leaves b), on the
net.  There is a project in development to develop a generic architecture
for dealing with software archives (the Trove project, led by Eric
Raymond).  It is not at a useable stage, however.  In the meantime, if
someone wants to publish on the web and doesn't have a website for it,
I'll gladly put things up on my starship account (assuming not-to-frequent
releases), as I did for two modules from Travis Oliphant

This doesn't solve some of the other problems, such as how to categorize
NumPy-related software.  There are standard schemes for catogization, but
I believe they won't work without a skilled 'librarian' who knows enough
about all of the various topics to do the categorization right.  Using a
completely informal approach, I have started a "Topic Guide", which is
available at http://www.python.org/topics/scicomp/.  It is rough at this
point, but I intend to have it cleaned up before the Python Conference --
feel free to email me comments and suggestions.  Also note that there is
the framework for a NumPy FAQ at http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/numpy-faq,
which I encourage people to add entries to (no password is necessary --
leave the password field blank).