[Matrix-SIG] We should rename convolve in multiarraymodule

Rob Hooft r.hooft@euromail.net
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 09:20:34 +0200 (MZT)

>>>>> "LS" == Les Schaffer <godzilla@netmeg.net> writes:

 LS> subst convolve correlate `find . -name "*.py"`

There is a few things wrong here:

 1) we're discussing perl instead of python now

 2) I agree 100% that this BUG should be fixed, and that bug compatibility
    is a silly thing. My original message was there because I think "normal"
    backward compatibility is very important, even in python.

 3) Replacing "convolve" by "correlate" doesn't solve the problem: if I'm
    professionally writing a python program I need to make sure that
    it will run at every customer site. I.e. I need to code it  like:

       if this_site_is_running_a_corrected_version:

    Requiring all customers to upgrade when something like this changes
    is not always an option.


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