[Matrix-SIG] LLNL distribution 11 available

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.demon.co.uk
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 18:42:10 +0100

In article <001101be8a8d$7b9c1140$f4160218@c1004579-c.plstn1.sfba.home.c
om>, Paul F. Dubois <dubois1@llnl.gov> writes
>xfiles.llnl.gov and ftp-icf.llnl.gov are now back up, and I have fought my
>way back through the security changes so I was able to fix the links to make
>them point to version 11. Versions 9 and 10 are also available via the ftp
>At version 11 the Windows distribution changes from a .exe file (an
>installer) to a .zip file that has a simple installation script you run with
>Python. This installation procedure requires Python 1.5. If you do not have
>Python 1.5 you will have to install by hand in whatever way you choose.
>Those of you who tried to use the link to LLNLDistribution.zip and failed
>were victims of the sudden LLNL shutdown, for which we are sorry.
>I also discovered that I had failed to upload the gifs and style sheet for
>the HTML version of the Numerical Python document. That is fixed too.
>Another reason to prefer PDF.(:->.
perhaps someone can help me with this win32 install win95 osr2, python
1.5.2 final.

1) do I need to uninstall rel10?
2) is the process
        a) unzip to a temporary dir
        b) run python tools/installtool.py
        c) if so I get the error

                C:\>cd \tmp\llnl\tools

                C:\Tmp\LLNL\Tools>python installtool.py
                Traceback (innermost last):
                File "installtool.py", line 130, in ?
                File "installtool.py", line 33, in do_install
                if MODE == None:
                NameError: MODE


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