[Matrix-SIG] Interactive shell

Andrey Kaliazin KaliazinA@cardiff.ac.uk
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 16:42:44 +0100

Amazingly, how much time passed since creation of Python itself, before
one bright man write such wonderful and obviously useful extension!
8-) (I mean I can't understand why this simple feature was not there
from the very beginning...)

Keep doing it!

Some suggestions:

1. let ? to give the list of all shell commands. For example? there is @dir,
which I found occasionally;
2. let ?? to give the list of all python built-ins
3. let ?some_built-in_name return its description and/or purpose ( ?nil )
4. let @dir some_module_name to give its docstring and its content without
loading that module, if it is possible.
5. for local variables let ?var to give information about the typ of the
if there is no docstring available.


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Subject: [Matrix-SIG] Interactive shell

> Hello, attached are three files which are used for a little bit
> enhanced python prompt. There was some interest on the list for a more
> comfortable interactive session. This is my starting attempt with
> following features.
> -readline support
> -completion in the local namespace with TAB
> -special shell commands starting with a @
>  @pwd @cd @who @whos @logon @logoff @clean
>  These commands don't need ()
> -logging, which can be started and stopped in the session
> -keeps track of new variables
>  @who
> -an example of a possible help at the prompt. type just ?
> -reading of a rc file
> It would be nice to hear some comments if someone really uses this,
> because at the moment it works for me (TM) so will only be extended
> for my personal needs.
> The files are:
> ipp.py  -> the module put in your python path
> ipp     -> a driver put in your bin
> ipprc   -> looked for in $HOME/.ipprc
> __Janko