[Matrix-SIG] New Multipack release

Travis Oliphant Oliphant.Travis@mayo.edu
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 19:29:30 -0500 (CDT)

This announces the availability of Multipack version 0.6

Included in this release:

	fsolve -- (a nonlinear root finder for N equations)
        leastsq -- (a Levenburg-Marquardt optimizer)

        intode  -- (an ODE integrator based on lsoda including all         
                    optional inputs and outputs)
	quad   --- (a general purpose integrator, including infinite

The package has undergone a bit of an overhaul so that the C-code
interface does a fairly complete and basic wrap around the FORTRAN calls.
There is an addition Python-only wrapper that should be the main

Documentation is hardly complete but all the information is there for
common usage.

I've built the system on RedHat Linux 5.2.  It's likely that there will be
some cross platform issues (machine specific files like d1mach) that I
would appreciate any help on.
You need a Fortran compiler to compile the source (or f2c and the
knowledge to use it.)

If you are on Linux, the binary and source RPM's on my page may be of some
use to you.

There is a test script to run that also demonstrates use.

I've been pretty impressed with the overall speed (for small problems at
least) of the FORTRAN code + python interface.  Your mileage may vary.

Have fun,