[Matrix-SIG] Re: Why is there fast_umathmodule.c and umathmodule.c ?

Paul F. Dubois dubois1@llnl.gov
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 21:04:45 -0800

The intention was to have the difference mentioned. But it was never
implemented. You don't normally control the behavior of the floating point
unit that way anyway. Unfortunately there is no standard for doing it.

I plan to simply remove fast_umathmodule at the next release unless I get
convinced otherwise.

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From: Travis E. Oliphant <Oliphant.Travis@mayo.edu>
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Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 1:56 PM
Subject: [Matrix-SIG] Re: Why is there fast_umathmodule.c and umathmodule.c

>> :I have been looking at and using the source from the umathmodules and
>> :noticed that fast_umathmodule and umathmodule are nearly identical.
>> :Perhaps somebody could tell me why there two diffeerent versions of
>> :basically the same code??
>> IIRC, umath raises exception on overflows etc, fast_umath just returns
>> NaN.  Some speed vs safety.
>Thanks for the quick response.  I see the intention, now.  I'm a bit
>confused at how this is done, though since the latest release of Numeric
>shows only the following differences.
>[olipt@amylou Src]$ diff fast_umathmodule.c umathmodule.c
>< void initfast_umath() {
>> void initumath() {
><   m = Py_InitModule("fast_umath", methods);
>>   m = Py_InitModule("umath", methods);
>These seem like only superficial differences.  I don't see how the two
>modules can be functionally different, here.
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