[Matrix-SIG] Re: a full-blown interactive data analysis environment

W.T. Bridgman wtbridgman@radix.net
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 23:31:51 -0500

>	-Determine how and where to organize ourselves, and set those
>         resources up (mailing lists, web sites, etc.).
I just wanted to mention that I've been working with Paul Barrett on his
'PyFITS' stuff.  Mostly I've been making sure that his binary table module
will compile and run on a Mac and doing some testing with FITS data.

He and I are in the process of bringing an Astronomical Python mailing
list, WWW and FTP site online at Goddard.  We've got some of the
preliminaries out of the way and hope to send out an announcement at the
end of this week or early next.

As to astronomical analysis with Python, I'm very concerned about the
plotting package issue.  I've played a lot with Konrad Hinsen's
TkPlotCanvas for doing simple plots.  I'm now trying to come up-to-speed on
Tk to really learn how to do a more flexible plotting package.  However, I
feel TkPlotCanvas is a good v0.1 plotting package for my current use.

I'm using my personal e-mail account since I do most of my Python stuff at
home (how much does an IDL license cost for a home system - an additional
$500).  However, I can also be reached at my lab account:

We'll let you know when something comes online.