[Matrix-SIG] Python Khoros Interface: deceased?

Frank Horowitz frank@ned.dem.csiro.au
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 12:23:35 +0800

G'Day David,

    The graphics page of the PyScience web page site still lists a link
to a Khoros Inteface.  I've been sporadically trying to follow that link
for at least 6 months, to no avail.  I've tried e-mailing Suorsa to ask
if there is a newer link, but have never received a reply.

    I believe that the Khoros package referred to was a SWIG job on an
early version of Khoros.  Since Khoros itself is no longer freely
available on the net (I'd love to be proven wrong on that, BTW), and
since the last freely available version of Khoros postdates the version
the Python wrapper targets (as deduced from some old messages found in
deja-news) I'm wondering if there's any point in continuing to claim an
existing link between Python and Khoros?

    Is it time to officially pronounce the Python-Khoros interface dead?

        Frank Horowitz