[Matrix-SIG] Documentation for Numerical Python Extension writing

Travis Oliphant Oliphant.Travis@mayo.edu
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 18:14:39 -0600 (EST)

Well, it looks like two of us have been working on explaining how to write
the extensions in C using the arrayobject specific calls.

My beginning attempt at documentation for the C-API of the arrayobject and
the ufuncobject can be found in postscript format at the link below.  So
far all of the C-API arrayobject calls are explained (as far as I can with
what I have learned).  I still need to add the Ufunc API calls and explain
the ufunc structure.  

Here is the link:

I would appreciate feedback if you are interested in taking a look.  My
approach is a little different than Konrad's in that it is less tutorial
in nature as it trys to document all of the calls.  It exposes all of the
API even though a typical user would not use all of the calls.

It's good to see some work being done on documenting the NumPy internals.

Thanks Konrad,