[Matrix-SIG] Version 1.1 of cephesmodule now available.

Travis Oliphant Oliphant.Travis@mayo.edu
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 16:42:32 -0600 (EST)

For users of the Numerical Extensions to Python who are interested in
special function evaluation, version 1.1 of cephesmodule is now available.

This version adds the amos libraries from netlib.org to the module so that
all of the bessel functions can be called with complex arguments.  

Functions added:
 - hankel1
 - hankel2
 - kv
 - exponentially scaled versions of all bessel and airy functions.

You need a fortran compiler (like g77 or f2c equivalent) to compile this
library and module.

A gzipped tarfile is available along with glibc based RPMS for Linux at

<P><A HREF="http://oliphant.netpedia.net">cephesmodule 1.1</A> - An
extension module that works with the Numerical Extensions to add many
numerical special functions like bessel, elliptic, and hypergeometric,
to Python. (09-Mar-99)

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