[Matrix-SIG] Re: cephesmodule

Travis Oliphant Oliphant.Travis@mayo.edu
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 22:55:26 -0600 (EST)

> 1.) how bout spherical harmonics -- they're used all over physics...
Do you know of some code that computes them?  Isn't there someway to write
them  as a hypergeometric functions? 

> 2.) since you seem to be cranking up on this, how bout a suggestion:
> some way for the rest of us moochers to contribute code to your
> project, so if some yahoo wants spherical harmonics, (s)he can very
> well cough up C code, SWIG interface, however you're generating your
> modules.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  That was part of the reason I
wanted to get some documentation out, because I know how confusing it can
be at first.  

If you have a routine that would fit nicely into cephesmodule then just
send it to me by email.  Any scalar function with any number of inputs and
outputs would fit into cephes quite easily.  I'm willing to take a
spectrum of contributions, from raw code (C or double precision FORTRAN)
to a patch against the main sources.  

For sigtools, there is a need for python code like the wiener filter I
posted a few days ago.  A colleague of mine will be working on some filter
design tools like MATLAB has in the next couple of months.  I will be
translating some MATLAB code to Python to do Savitsky-Golay filtering on
arrays (I use this kind of filter to estimate derivatives in noise.) in
the next months.

I'm also in need of a nonlinear zero finder. I've found several on the net
but need to wrap one up.

I'm looking for good ways to organize the functions I'm finding and
good names to call the modules, too, if anyone has any
idea and/or interest, let me know. (I'm open to changing the names of what
I've already released if anyone has a great convention idea.)

For most of the modules I have been submitting I have not been using
SWIG since I only had a few routines in sigtools and I dealt with the
ufuncobject in cephes and it isn't obvious to me how to use SWIG in
this case with anymore ease than it was to just write the C code.  The
ufuncobject is really quite a nice piece of work.

If you decide you want to work on something, let me know so that I won't
be repeating your work.

So, how's that for a great coordinating idea--send me email and/or post to
this list. Not to fancy but effective.  If anyone has other ideas I'd love
to hear them. It would be nice to have a CVS site somewhere but for now
sending email and/or posting to this list will work.