[Matrix-SIG] Re: cephesmodule

Les Schaffer godzilla@netmeg.net (Les Schaffer)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 16:01:45 -0500 (EST)

> Do you know of some code that computes them?  Isn't there someway to
> write them as a hypergeometric functions?

i wouldnt be surprised, but i doubt its worth it :-)

Numerical Recipes has some suggestions for using recurrence relations,
which i think i read, somewhere, in this particular case are very
fast. i could see coding it up in such a way that it would work great
with Python. given all the normalization issues, etc.

one thing, a spherical harmonic generally takes two scaler indicies,
and two angular positions, which ideally we could use ufuncs on. would
ufuncs handle such a thing? say we have a 2D matrix each of theta and
phi values; can we call

Y( l, m, theta, phi)  l,m = integers,  theta,phi = 2D matrix of floats

and get back a 2D matrix of values? that would be very very cool.


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