[Matrix-SIG] Re: [C++-SIG] CXX (Release 8) and EGCS 1.1.1

Joe Van Andel vanandel@atd.ucar.edu
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 14:02:03 -0700

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Regarding the template and namespace problems with CXX Release 8 and 
EGCS 1.1.1
I had reported this problem as bug report to the EGCS mailing list.

I've just heard from one of the EGCS developers and he tells that
egcs-2.93.11 (i.e. the current snapshot) will compile the source with 
minor changes.  These changes will appear in EGCS 1.2 (not 1.1.2, which 
may be out today.)

martin@mira.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de said:
> There is a simple work-around: Instead of writing 
> std ::iterator< std ::random_access_iterator_tag, seqref<T>, int>
> you can write
> random_access_iterator< seqref<T>, int> 

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