[Matrix-SIG] LLNL Distribution #10

Paul F. Dubois dubois1@llnl.gov
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 17:23:39 -0800

LLNL Distribution #10, like the truth, is out there:


Get LLNLDistribution.tgz for the source.
Get NumPy.exe for the Windows 95/98/NT installer.

Fixed mesh3d.py to handle tetrahedra, and to allow data of either type 'd'
or type 'b'.
Fixed slice3.py so that data type will not be changed.
Numerous changes in slice2 and _slice2_part in gistCmodule to support data
values of either type 'b' or type 'd'.
Bug fixes in gistCmodule: make sure result arrays are returned as Py_None in
case a slice is empty; clear the OWN_DATA pointer in a PyArrayObject when
the pointer has been given to a newly created object.
The color card specification for a 3D object will now overrule the
specification (if any) for the Graph containing the object.
The default style sheet for a Graph3d will be "nobox.gs". A Graph3D style
specification will be overruled by "z_nobox.gs" if a color bar is requested,
otherwise uncritically accepted.

Fixed a bug in the NumPy exponentiation routine which was causing a SEGV
when an array of Python longs was an argument.
Fixed memory leak in array to list conversion. (Jonah Lee)
Fixed segv if you attempt to delete an array element. (Warren Focke)
Fixed bug in convolve in multiarray.c (Travis Oliphant)
Added missing #!... to makethis.py in Numerical (Pearu Peterson, who also
reported Gist probs).
Fixed documentation of clip. (Andrew Sterian)
Changed array so that it will accept a typecode of None. This allows
simplifications to indices, asarray, and UserArray. (Keith Junius)
Performance improvement for FFT.py (Konrad Hinsen)

Added import_array to PyPDB module init routine.