[Matrix-SIG] 11beta.tgz

Paul F. Dubois dubois1@llnl.gov
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 12:29:23 -0800

Dear Numerical Pythoners,

Please get ftp://ftp-icf.llnl.gov/pub/python/11beta.tgz and try it out. It
is a beta release of LLNL Distribution 11. The reason it is a beta release
is that it has a new install procedure and a new attributes feature that
could very well break, leak memory, or otherwise irritate the heck out of
somebody. (Then again, maybe it works, and I like it.)

This version should be fine on Windows too but you'll need a compiler since
the tar file doesn't have the compiled binaries in it.

The new install procedure (if it works) requires Python 1.5.

Please let me know if it works for you, or not.


Paul Dubois